Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Excellence in Case Teaching: In Teachers' Words



There’s only one way to learn the demanding art of leadership – and that’s by leading. That’s why a Harvard Business School education has been, and continues to be, rooted in the practical lessons of the case method.

By engaging students in business conflicts developed from real events, cases immerse students in the challenges they are expected to face. Challenges that require thoughtful analyses with limited or even insufficient information. That require effective responses within ambiguous circumstances or complex economic and political contexts. That, most of all, demand decisive action that must be articulated – and even defended – among other talented, ambitious individuals.

Today, the case method has evolved into a sophisticated instrument, under the watchful guidance of carefully trained faculty, for transforming a student’s potential talent into a powerful capacity for effective decision making. HBS faculty continue to lead the world in case practice, creating more than eighty percent of the case materials used in business schools across the globe.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DNA Transcription (animation)

The following is an animation of DNA transcription. Please view the animatio and giev your comments and post questions to be shared between groups to be discussed.